A Very Perry’s + Pizza Date Night

It may be the home of the chicken wing, but Buffalo has some SOLID pizza. These past few weeks of eating local pizza has been a great way to get to know my new city, but something’s missing. And that is dessert, of course!

Last month, I had the pleasure of teaming up with Perry’s Ice Cream for a sweet opportunity (pun intended). Perry’s recently released a new flavor called Let’s Dough Buffalo™, a complete cookie hatrick including cookie dough ice cream (yum) + cookie dough chunks (amazing) + cookie swirls (scoooooore!). Not only is Perry’s what I consider to be premium ice cream, it’s also locally made in Akron, NY, which is just 25 miles east of Buffalo.

When Perry’s shared the info of this new flavor with me, I knew it would complete my upcoming date night and rushed to my nearest Wegmans to pick it up. I luckily got one of the last left in the freezer for this flavor. Since it had already seemed to be gaining some popularity around town, I thought to myself, “Alright this better be the best ice cream I’ve ever had.”


As much as I enjoy a night out to eat, there’s nothing better than creating your own little date night in your home with the one you love. I recently got a new job, so my boyfriend and I wanted to celebrate our Friday night exactly how we do it best—with a pizza (our favorite food obviously), some wine, movies, and cracking open the new Let’s Dough Buffalo™ Perry’s ice cream for dessert.


For pizza, we’ve become fans of Mustachio’s Pizza, shockingly, as I’ve named my blog on Mustachio’s the “Go-To Neighborhood Pizza.” We love the taste, the crunchy crust, and the cup-and-char pepperoni. Plus we know we’ll always have a great experience with no hassle and no long waits.

We went with our favorite kind of pizza, a classic large cheese and pepperoni pizza. It was a chilly night now that it’s getting colder, so I kept the warm pizza on my lap in the car on the way home. And my car even smelled like pizza the next day still, talk about a win!

In-Home Date Nights = The Best Date Nights


We all know I love pizza, but I love pizza even more when I’m wearing sweatpants and get to hang out on the couch with my favorite person.

As usual, Mustachio’s Pizza did not disappoint. It was as crunchy, cheesy, and perfectly greasy as it was the first time and every time thereafter. I like the thickness of Mustachio’s because it’s not too thick where you’re stuffed after two pieces, and not too thin where you could eat the whole pizza yourself. AKA I can eat plenty, but still be a courteous girlfriend and share. 🙂


And a perfect date night for my boyfriend and I usually involves a few drinks to celebrate the weekend, so we paired this pizza with a sweet red blend wine that balanced out the spicy pepperoni.

Household Favorite Ice Cream


I figured we should give ourselves some time in between dinner and dessert before breaking out the good stuff. But once we dove into it, our reaction looks pretty similar to the Sabres fans on the carton—it was a hit! To be honest, we’ll be making this our regular ice cream, and here’s a few reasons why:


  1. Those SWIRLS. Every scoop in this ice cream, you get the soft, fudge-like chocolate swirls that melt in your mouth and complement the ice cream so well.
  2. All the dough. Most cookie dough ice creams are pretty skimpy of cookie dough. Let’s Dough Buffalo™, however, has a great amount of cookie dough. And when you’re not eating dough, you’re getting cookie swirls still.
  3. Multiple flavors in one. Sometimes I don’t want just vanilla or just chocolate, so this was a perfect mixture of both. It’s like eating cookies and creamy milk with many textures!


If we were looking to indulge ourselves, I think we reached our goal during this in-home date night. Thank you to Mustachio’s Pizza for always making us happy and full, and a special thank you to Perry’s Ice Cream for sharing the news of this delicious new flavor with me!

Pizza & love,


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