D’Avolio: Recipe for Success


The past few weeks have involved a career move to downtown Buffalo, where I now have the opportunity to venture to all sorts of new restaurants. On the first day of my new gig, my coworkers brought me out to the very charming D’Avolio for lunch at their downtown location on Main St. (they were unknowing of my love for pizza just yet, so this was fitting).

They had shared with me that D’Avolio is well-known locally for their olive oils and fine cooking ingredients, but their restaurant/shop downtown seems to get a lot of foot traffic for lunch time too.



One of the big things I loved most about D’Avolio was their ordering setup. They give you a menu and you circle how you want your meal prepared. This was easy, creative and probably helps the staff move through orders quickly by simply taking our annotated menus. However, physically circling the toppings made me want ALL the toppings!

As far as stretching your dollar goes, I think D’Avolio is an awesome deal. The pizza is a great size that two could definitely share, and you are guaranteed 1 cheese, 1 meat, and up to 3 toppings—all under $13. This is an awesome value for the quality of their pizza.

While they did have an extensive menu also including salads and sandwiches, I ended up going with pizza (obvs) and ordered to following:

Davolios menu


I loved that D’Avolio is located right in the heart of downtown. While it may be a smaller restaurant, every single table was full when we arrived. It was PACKED in there for lunch, even on a Monday! It’s a great spot to walk to and has this European small-shop feel about it. Wall-to-wall has shelves of elegant olive-oil bottles and cooking ingredients. The walls were dark and had some brick, which really contributed to it’s cozy and comfortable environment. We sat at a high-top table nearest the window to have a view of the busy city streets.


Flavor On Flavor On Flavor


All I could think when the waitress first brought over my pizza is, “This looks like it’s going to blow my taste buds out of the water!” And boy was I right. This pizza was loaded with flavor because of all the toppings you get to include, however I’m also wondering if they use particular D’Avolio olive oil or cooking ingredients to boost the flavors even further. Next time I will probably try their red pepper sauce!

The champion of this pizza though was the crust/dough. Because the pieces were smaller, the flavor of this crust blended well with the red sauce and cheese, and it was also easy to eat (always a plus). It was so tasty that my strategy for eating this pizza was to eat the outside pieces first while the perfectly crunchy crust was fresh, and eat the inside pieces as leftovers the following day!

I know there are a couple other sit-down pizza restaurants in downtown Buffalo, so I’ll have to visit those ones next to compare to D’Avolio. This flavorful pizza paired with their classy, yet casual vibe will certainly be hard to top!


Pizza & love,


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