Welcome to Buffalo Pizza Blog!

As a Buffalo transplant in 2017, I promised myself that I would continue to seek new opportunities to get to know this unique city and its culture. In thinking of ways to do so, I thought of the things that I enjoy: spending time with those I love, going out to restaurants and, most importantly, eating pizza. Pizza is one of those foods that simply makes everyone happy.

Thus, Buffalo Pizza Blog was born. What better way to explore a new city by visiting the various pizza places in it? I will be sharing my thoughts on the pizza place of choice each time as I learn more about the Buffalo food and drink culture.*

Join me on a slice of my life in Buffalo and follow @buffalopizzablogger on Instagram for all kinds of life-changing pizza pics.

Pizza & love,

Mandy, Buffalo Pizza Blogger

*Please note: This is not a paid promotion from any businesses mentioned. All opinions and experiences are my own.