10 Wishlist Pizza Places To Visit In 2018

In reflecting on 2017, it’s certainly been a great year, and a changing one. I’ve relocated, started a new job, made new friends and ate LOTS of good pizza. Still at the beginning of my discovery of Buffalo through it’s pizza, there’s so many more places I have yet to try still.

Here’s a few Buffalo pizza places that I hope to visit in 2018:

1. Hydraulic Hearth — Located in historic Larkin District, their interesting list of brick oven pizzas and craft beer seems to compliment the downtown scene well. This would be a perfect spot to go before an evening out in the city.

2. La Nova — Since this is the Bills and Sabres official pizza, it better be dang good! Although I’ll probably be more excited about the Buffalo wings than the pizza from here, I could see us ordering this pizza for a party or group of people.

3. Bocce Club Pizza — I’m a sucker for a sentimental background story behind a business, plus who doesn’t love a fun game of bocce. They must have a loyal fan base too, considering they have nationwide delivery as an option.

4. Franco’s Pizza — I can definitely appreciate a giant menu, and Franco’s definitely delivers that. Because they have locations all over the city, it seems fitting that I should perhaps try their Buffalo Wing Pizza and will probably order a side of wings, because why the heck not.

5. Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria — Within the village of Kenmore, Jay’s has that quaint start-up feel to it. They do such a wonderful job photographing and promoting their different Neapolitan pizzas that it makes it difficult to not want to visit!

6. Imperial Pizza — Saving this for a day when I’m thinking, “I need all the carbs.” I’ll venture within South Buffalo for some thick-crust in hopes of the ideal combination of fluffy and crunchy.

7. Allentown Pizza — I prefer to support local when I can, and Allentown Pizza seems to embody that. Whether their pizza will be consumed amidst exploring Allentown and Elmwood Village one weekend or following an evening at the bars, I’m looking forward to grabbing a slice!

8. Just Pizza — Even though they do more than just pizza now, it seems like they get a lot of positive recognition from the community for their pizza! I’m eager to try a few different types from here since they have a lengthy list of both red and white pizza.

9. Rocco’s Wood Fired Pizza — If I’m craving crunchy and cozy, Rocco’s Italian restaurant in Willamsville seems like my place for that. I tend to enjoy most wood fired pizzas, paired with a glass of wine too.

10. Zetti’s Pizza & Pasta — This could be the best place ever or the most frustrating. Rows and rows of mega slices to-go calling your name when you are out-and-about or need a drunken snack!

Did I include your favorite pizza in Buffalo on my wishlist? Comment below and let me know what my must-have pizza for 2018 should be!

Pizza & love,


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