Brick Oven Pizzeria & Pub: A Moment for Pizza Sauce

I realized after my several years of living in Buffalo, I have still never ordered pizza from a Grand Island, NY pizzeria! It was about time and good to take a trip across the bridge – it’s always such a pretty drive along the Niagara River and I love getting a glimpse of the falls in the distance.

Brick Oven Pizzeria & Pub was one that caught my eye on the Slice app as I browsed where to order from. I love using the Slice app because I can discover so many new pizza places and continue to support local businesses. The app is incredibly accessible, making it easy to order pizza right from my phone. I can do all this while on the go running errands, hitting the gym, etc.

Based on the pictures I saw from Brick Oven in Grand Island, I definitely had to stick with a classic Buffalo-style pizza. The pricing for a large cheese and pepperoni pizza was right on par with other places, around $18, which was perfect. If you use the Slice app, take $5 off your next order with my promo code: BUFFALOPIZZABLOG. Enjoy!!

I mean… Just look at this one! Beautiful. Brick Oven’s pizza is definitely a showstopper. This one was tough to not break into on the ride home – it smelled SO good and we had to resist!

I often find that with large pizzas they’re cut into about 8 slices. This one was cut into 10. It wasn’t any larger than other pizzas, just slightly thinner slices to make it 10 pieces total. I kind of liked this because we actually ate slightly less than normal and had a bit more leftover, which we loved the next day!

This pie was a little thinner than normal Buffalo-style pizzas, but not as thin as NY-style by any means. Due to this, it was a little more floppy when handling. The end-crust was crunchy and yummy, but the rest of the under-crust throughout was very soft and chewy. The dough did taste good and had a hint of that buttery, salty taste throughout that I prefer in my pizza.

Sauce on this one was definitely on the sweeter side! A lot of you ask me if I have any good sweet sauce recommendations. I do think sweet sauce fans would fancy this pizza! Also, if you are just a fan of saucier pizzas in general, you will like this one too.

The cheese melted on pretty thick, a common trait of Buffalo-style pizza. The sauce still consumed the majority of the flavor and texture though. I actually found that I enjoyed this pizza the next day too, if not more, as a day in the fridge to chill made it considerably stiffer and controlled. I also just love leftover/cold pizza (who doesn’t?).

Those cup-and-char pepperonis get me every. single. time. Looking so good and crisped. It’s interesting to me that the pepperoni was able to get so perfectly blackened along the edges, and the cheese had the signature brown spots throughout, and yet the under-crust couldn’t really get to fully crisped. But, I guess this is what Buffalo-style is all about! We love the semi-messy and excessive nature that comes with a beautiful pizza like this one!

I definitely recommend Brick Oven Pizzeria & Pub for my sweet sauce pizza lovers. And if you’re not using the Slice app to order, you’re missing out on discovering so many new places and the convenience of online ordering. Also, it’s cool to try somewhere new. 🙂

Pizza & love,


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