Jazzboline: Bringing Something New to the Table

A breath of fresh air and coming into Buffalo’s northtowns with bang, Jazzboline is a hot new(er) restaurant. For those looking to get that fine dine feel, but so much more affordably, Jazzbole offers a New American menu and is very close to home.

First off—Jazzboline is absolutely s t u n n i n g. It’s a part of the Reikart House, located on the premises. Perfect for a staycation destination or just to get a charming vibe in your outing.

When you arrive on Main St., quite literally right off the 290, you’ll feel like you’re about to escape to another world as soon as you step inside. It’s so centrally located, so it may be en-route to home after your work-day or within your range of today’s to-dos in the area.

The thing I may like the most about Jazzboline is that it’s a multi-occasion destination. Dinner, brunch, drinks are all great options to enjoy this classy space.


We started with some light apps—chips, hummus, olives, and some calamari. Even the hummus tasted high-end. And if we’re sharing calamari, I call the ones with all the legs!


To drink, a glass of Riesling is typically my go-to, as it’s often from the Finger Lakes around here. I like supporting the region, noteworthy for Riesling.

Of course, I naturally found my way to the Brick Oven Flatbreads section of the menu. They had several good options! At first I was going to play it simple and just order a normal margherita pizza, but I kind of wanted to try something different this day. I ended up going with the BBQ chicken, which had chicken, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, cheddar and smoked bacon. Yum.


These pictures don’t do this flatbread justice. It was superb looking and huge in person! For a lunch, this left me feeling full and with leftovers too.

Their flatbread dough was incredibly fluffy, which I loved. It was nice to have some variation is texture between the crispy in the chicken and the bacon with the BBQ sauce and dough.

I also think the dough did an awesome job of holding up here—the amount of toppings made these slices hefty! Their chefs were not shy on the toppings, but still made it easy to eat. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be messy to eat amongst others, and fortunately this was not the case! Super easy as a handheld or with a fork if that’s your thing.


I typically do not do cheddar on pizza since I like more Italian-style ingredients that mix better with mozzarella, parmesan, or romano, but of course with the BBQ-style this made total sense and worked better with cheddar than it would with anything else. It was great with all the other rich flavors.

Not your typical sauce either, as I traded in marinara for BBQ here. I typically don’t like sweet sauce pizzas as much, but barbecue was a pleasant surprise. And again, luckily, this was easy to eat. They didn’t top it with too much sauce to be overly drippy or anything. Loved the proportions here!

And what’s a really good meal without dessert?! The waitress brought over two slices of their SEVEN-LAYER chocolate cake. I repeat: SEVEN–LAYER. *heart eyes + drooling face all in one*


This cake blessed me so much… the slices were HUGE. Probably bigger than my hand, each, for real! We all split it up since it was shockingly large, so I ate about a quarter of this thing.

No regrets whatsoever.

Cannot wait to try more flatbreads from Jazzboline—or maybe even I’ll just go back to have a slice of that SEVEN-LAYER chocolate cake and a glass of wine one evening. Who knows. Either way, I’ll see ya there.

Pizza & love,


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