Elm Street Bakery: Surrounded by Warmth

Warmth. That’s what I think of when I think of Elm Street Bakery. A warm, cozy building. Warm, fresh pizza with local ingredients. Warm smiles from kind members in our community. Sharing conversations with loved ones that warm you up. It’s a place that embodies warmth on all its levels and that’s what makes it special.

On this particular outing, I visited Elm Street Bakery for lunch with a friend. The environment is perfect for a comfortable meal and catching up. It has than open, airy, community feel, and yet it’s rustic, wood features make it feel intimate at the same time. I could spend all day hanging here. We got a spot in their upper level which is a little more intimate and looks over the main shop level where people order.

When placing our order at the counter, we decided to go with personal pizzas, which is a 6-inch. It’s the perfect size pie for a lunch occasion and can easily be enjoyed in one sitting. I absolutely love fresh basil, so the margherita pizza sounded amazing. It did not disappoint!

Being a bakery, I did have pretty high expectations. But I knew Elm Street Bakery would deliver with their brick oven pizzas. The service was super speedy and kind; they do a good job.

Our pizzas were SO cute! I could’ve eaten about 3 more, but this was perfect for a mid-day meal. And they just looked fresh. The herbs and garnish really enhanced the flavor of the sauce in particular – I was very impressed by the quality.

And this fresh mozzarella, man. The texture was so soft that it just melted in your mouth amongst the other flavors. Pictures don’t do it justice for how good this was!

Elm Street Bakery does a phenomenal job with their crust as well. I find that some brick oven pizza places tend to over-crisp their crust. It has to be the right balance to get the dichotomy of soft and airy with crisp and crunchy. Otherwise, when you let it cook too long, it just comes off as lazy.

This dough had those burnt bubble spots that I love, and it paired beautifully with the smooth cheeses and soft under-crust. Loved it!

Getting up close at examining this pie, even though it’s a simple pie with few ingredients, you can tell Elm Street Bakery cares about the details. The flavors throughout all work together to create one unified flavor of margherita goodness. My favorite part was definitely the fresh basil, I’m a sucker for it every time.

So definitely give Elm Street Bakery a shot if you are in the East Aurora area. They make it look easy!

Pizza & love,


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