West Rose: Exquisite Details

Day trips are the best. And Ellicottville is the perfect day trip in WNY. Between the cute town center, hills of Holiday Valley, and the sweetest of restaurants like West Rose, it’s always a good time in Ellicottville. It’s also an Instagrammer’s paradise full of special moments shared with others.

West Rose is the sister restaurant to The Grange, which I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time this year. It was the last restaurant I visited actually pre-COVID (RIP to my social life). Knowing the two restaurants are under the same leadership, I knew West Rose would be just as adorable and cozy as The Grange. The food would also likely be similar with their farm-to-table aspect of locally-sourced ingredients. I have so much respect for the owners who do so much to support many in our community.

I visited West Rose with a larger party for this occasion, so we actually got to eat outside on their upstairs deck. String lights and a firepit definitely suited the mood for a nice dinner with my amazing girlfriends!

It wouldn’t be a girls night without ample cocktails. I ended up going with the Venus Flytrap, which was gin, lillet, lemon, suze, honey, and prosecco. I gravitate towards anything with lemon or honey usually, and this hit the spot. I honestly recommend any of West Rose’s cocktails – they are good at their craft here!

Ever since I went to The Grange, I am actually obsessed with their hummus. It is my favorite appetizer I’ve ever had a restaurant, not lying. I’m honestly not sure if it’s the hummus or the warm laffa bread that comes with it, but my GOD, it is unreal. I can’t even describe it because my words wouldn’t do it justice. This is a must-order.

Some may say it’s boring, but I have such an appreciation for a classic Margherita pizza that is done right. We ordered a mushroom pizza and pepperoni pizza at The Grange, so I knew their ingredients and process were solid. I also was just super in the mood for fresh basil to be quite honest. I think because my cocktail was light and lemony, I wanted to stick to something that was also light and fresh.

And as anticipated, West Rose did not disappoint. This Margherita pizza was so so so delicious. The fresh basil was my favorite, but the clusters of cheese really surprised me. It was such fresh-tasting cheese and was cooked perfectly with a few brown speckles. *chefs kiss* I’d actually love to know where each of their ingredients come from some time.

You can see in the pictures the darkened spots on the crust too. I’m such a sucker for that charred, fiery taste. It really rounds out the flavors and textures of the whole eating experience. From fresh basil, to sweeter sauce, to savory soft cheese, to smoky crispy crust with a slight hint of salt. Actual perfection.

As for handling wood fired pizza like this, I typically fork and knife it. Kind of weird, I know. But it’s easier to eat and not make a mess when you’re all dolled up and chit-chatting with others. And then once I got to the crust I use my hands or dip it in any remaining sauce/hummus. Because you know, got to get every last drop when it’s this good!

West Rose was everything I hoped it would be and then some. Their beautiful environment made me forget for a short moment in time that we were in a global pandemic with my belly full of hummus and laughing with my cocktail in hand.

Next trip you have to Ellicottville, don’t sleep on West Rose. Put the cute outfit on. Comb your hair. Invite the ones you love. And soak it all in.

Pizza & love,


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