Britesmith Brewing: Socially Distanced Delight

One of my favorite days from 2020 concluded with dinner at Britesmith Brewing.

My siblings were in town visiting and I got to show them around beautiful Buffalo. We ended our fun day in Williamsville with pizza and drinks on Britesmith’s amazing outdoor patio. I’m not kidding, this is probably one of my favorite spots to eat out now! Their patio is spacious and serene right next to the canal, so you feel safe and relaxed there for sure.

I was also super impressed that Britesmith has a large covered bar on their outdoor patio as well, along with a bunch of large heated lamps. This is perfect for cooler temperatures.

We ordered a round of drinks to get us started – our group fancied the Britesmith IPA (a pretty standard American IPA) and the Harvest Hefeweizen (because it was said to have hints of bananas!). Their beer list was really solid with a bit of variety.

Also, we did a few soft pretzels as an appetizer to go with our beer. They were fairly standard. I didn’t get a picture of it because we were nearly starving by the time we sat down, so I spared my family of making them wait to take pictures (foodies, you know the struggle).

As for the pizza, wowza. Britesmith mostly does pizzas with a few small sharing plates as well on their food menu. I was pumped because that often means the pizza will be good. And it sure was.

Our table of 6 ordered four different pizzas to share, which ended up being the ideal serving for everyone. The pizzas are cut into 6 slices, so each of us got to try one slice from each pie! Perfect. I don’t think we went home with any leftovers, so maybe get one more pizza if you have a bigger group and/or want leftovers!

Our wood fired neapolitan pizzas included: Margherita, Wild Mushroom, Rapini & Sausage, and The White.

The Margherita pizza was splendid. It was exactly what we anticipated. I was pleased with the large, ample basil leaves sprinkled on top to round out the flavor. The fresh sauce was what you’d expect it to taste like.

As for the dough, their wood fire oven cooked it to perfection in my opinion. The under crust had that nice smoky dusting and the end crust was both airy and crunchy. I enjoyed it thoroughly and thought it was a good staple to order amongst several specialty pizzas.

And now for the holy grail. This white pizza was hands-down the group favorite! This pie is a combo of fontina and mozzarella, infused with garlic goodness, and topped with cherry tomatoes, oregano, onions, EVOO, and parmesan. It was SUCH a treat.

Garlic can be overpowering, but this was a model example of how to use garlic appropriately to not overwhelm or take away from other flavors. I do think because it was a thin crust neapolitan pizza, that helped keep the garlic at bay. Some white pizzas that are medium-to-thick crust can be a lot to take on.

I have to say, I was intrigued by the use of the cherry tomatoes. Often times you see larger tomato slices which take up a lot of real estate on the pie. My preference may lie with the cherry tomato now, just because not every bite consisted of the tomato always. It was different from many white pizzas.

My husband is a big mushroom fan. Every opportunity he gets to order a mushroom pizza, the man does. So naturally, we ordered Britesmith’s Wild Mushroom pizza with garlic cream, mushrooms, fontina, truffle oil, and parmesan. And whew! Did this one surprise me. It was very yummy.

This was another great take on a white pizza. I’ve had a few white pizzas that come off so incredibly dry, but the garlic cream and truffle oil really make it moist, chewy, and flavorful. Nice job on this one, Britesmith team!

Last but not least, the Rapini & Sausage was a pleasant surprise. We kind of just picked this one on a whim so we would have two red and two white pizzas. It ended up being really tasty!

To be quite honest, I actually had no clue what rapini even is (lol). It is a green cruciferous veggie where its leaves, buds, and stems are all edible. It had a relatively bitter taste, but with the sausage, garlic, crushed red pepper, and mozzarella it all worked together nicely. It was neat to try something a little different than what I’m used to getting.

The next time I have a chance to go back to Britesmith Brewing, because I know there will be another trip there, I am curious about their lobster pizza. It sounded so yummy and would be something completely out of my comfort zone to try!

Britesmith Brewing is doing a fantastic job and I am so in love with their outdoor space. Continue to support local and give them a try if you haven’t just yet! Enjoy.

Pizza & love,


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