Favorite’s Pizza: Cheap Eats

It’s so important to try new places during this crazy time to give support to all the small businesses hanging in there. I wanted to order from somewhere new to continue to support local. I recommend you do the same.

This one was one of those “It’s not bad, but it’ll do.” But you know what, that’s good for when you’re trying a new place and want to make sure you’re not completely wasting your money. And besides, supporting local is my priority right now.

I visited the Favorite’s Pizza Amherst location for this adventure, and there’s also a Lewiston location as well. It was your average neighborhood pizza establishment – small parking lot, small building, and nothing overly noteworthy inside. All exactly what you expect! The people were especially kind when I went to pick it up, which made for a nice experience.

It was a classic cheese and pepperoni pizza kind of night. The pizza itself looked near-picture perfect – perfectly cooked crust, burnt cheese spots throughout, and a sea of pepperoni.

I do have to point out, these pepperonis reminded me of Franco’s Pizza a lot. They were a hybrid of cup-and-char and traditional flat pepperonis. They did develop a semi-cupped edge once cooked through to a crisp. Franco’s does this too and I was intrigued by it then as well.

As for taste, it was one of those pizzas where you look at the person you’re sharing and you both ask if it’s good or not, because you’re unsure. Ever been there?

I can’t necessarily pinpoint it, but I think this pizza came down to just tasting cheaper. But let’s be honest, I still gladly ate it. Don’t lie, you’ve probably enjoyed a frozen pizza, Domino’s, or gas station pizza a time or two as well. It still hits the spot.

When eating pizza, you’re not going for nutrition (and if you are, look elsewhere, my friend). So who cares. Luckily, the pie wasn’t overly expensive either, so there were no qualms on that front. I did appreciate how affordable Favorite’s pizzas are and for their decent size as well. That made me feel validated in my purchase.

What I found most unique with Favorite’s Pizza is that their crust was right in the middle of thin crust and Buffalo-style crust. It was on the thinner side, but it still had some strength to it. The crust itself was crunchy on the initial moment your teeth sink into it, and then doughy throughout. It was a bit bland of a crust, but my expectations were not overly high.

Favorite’s, you weren’t this gal’s favorite, but that’s ok. I still recommend others try for themselves and have their own experience. You were safe, affordable, and especially nostalgic of being on the road. And for that, I can’t complain!

Pizza & love,


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