New York Beer Project: Buffalo Chicken Bombshell

Buffalo chicken pizza in Buffalo, NY? Legendary.

This venture to New York Beer Project is actually a pretty pathetic story. I won a giveaway contest on Instagram for free mozzarella sticks. Yes, mozzarella sticks. Hahaha. It gets more pathetic every time I say it. What’s even better, is that NYBP calls them “mozzarella logs.” The ultimate gluttony.

So, my husband and I figured that if we were making a trip out to NYBP to get these hard-earned mozzarella logs, we better get growlers and some dinner to go with it. NYBP’s Buckleberry Wheat is my favorite of their flagship beers.

I’ve been to NYBP a few times now, but often end up getting apps or bar food (wings, burgers, etc.). Getting pizza this trip was something new, which I’m always down for.

Their pizzas are the perfect personal-sized pies. You could keep it for yourself with small leftovers or share a few pizzas amongst a group of people so you can sample each. The latter is my preferred, so we decided to get two – one pepperoni pizza and one buffalo chicken pizza.

NYBP offers a few different types of pizzas, all super thin crust with crispy edges. They seem to be a brick-oven style.

The pepperoni pizza was pretty lame, in my opinion. But, my expectations weren’t super high. As a brewery, I’m most critical of their beer and their bar food. It was not a traditional Buffalo-style pizza with thick dough or cup-and-char pepperoni. It looked like something you could quickly throw together at home and make.

Not all was lost from this experience though, as the Buffalo chicken pizza was probably one of the best I’ve had! Still will never top my favorite Buffalo chicken pizza to-date from JJ’s Casa Di Pizza, but this one went a long way for me as well.

Firstly, their chicken fingers they used seemed fresh and tender. The fingers were also rather large as well, giving the thinner-crust pizza some meat to it (literally).

I also admired the delicate balance of heat from the Buffalo sauce and mildness from the cheese. It allowed for the flavors to work together nicely and not become too overwhelming. It honestly tasted just like chicken wing dip to me.

Additionally, the mozzarella logs were superb. And damn, were they actually logs. You can’t tell from the picture above necessarily, but they were the biggest mozzarella sticks I’ve ever seen. Cheese lovers, you will enjoy them. And as a giveaway winner for them, they tasted extra good.

Would I recommend? Yes, I’d say it’s worth the try at least once.

NYBP, I’m raising my brew to you! Thanks for the free mozzarella logs and keep up the good work during this wild year. Cheers.

Pizza & love,


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