Picasso’s Pizza: A Treasured Work of Art

I’m still very unsure how I have just made it to Picasso’s Pizza this year – and a little embarrassed as well! Picasso’s Pizza deserves all the hype and Buffalove it gets – it is truly a one-of-kind establishment.

I am such a newbie to Picasso’s still, but that ended up being the best part of my experience. I didn’t know their large was SO large! It was 18 slices, a square pie cut into square slices, and practically a smaller sheet pizza. I was super impressed and for the price.

Something that is so distinct about Picasso’s in the contrast in their pizza. They do a nice job in getting their thick cup-and-char pepperoni super crisp and crunchy around the edges.

And because they LOAD on toppings (a big win in my book), it was just a beautifully messy sea of spices, sauce, cheese, and crunchy, blackened roni cups. A Buffalo-style pizza “mess” is a local art form, I’d say.

As for what actually matters: Was it actually good? Your taste buds will be heavily stimulated when devouring this pie for sure. Picasso’s packs on the flavor to bring it all together. These bold spices pair especially well with the crunchy, buttery homemade dough and near-burnt pepperoni.

I was also given a recommendation that I must order breadsticks from Picasso’s, as they are heavenly. Whew! We’re you guys ever right – the breadsticks are outstanding and, like the pizza, loaded with flavor. Picasso’s has an immense attention to detail that I so appreciate.

This outing also called for a side of both regular and boneless wings (medium for me, always). Classic Buffalo wings – couldn’t complain whatsoever on this front either!

The fact that I didn’t know the large pizzas from Picasso’s were this large, AND I ordered a bunch of sides – safe to say we had delicious leftover for days!

My only regret about going to Picasso’s Pizza is that I couldn’t get a picture in front of their famous pizza-themed mural on the side of their building. I’ve been dying to do that for months. Unfortunately, their delivery truck was parked in front of it at the time! Next time, as I know there will be one.

Pizza & love,


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