The Grange Community Kitchen: Local Flavor

We’re always looking for new date night options—and when they have pizza it’s a particularly good find.

I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to The Grange Community Kitchen for quite some time, as many of you have recommended it to me. Hamburg is a bit of hike for me, so it was nice to get out of our usual town and explore Hamburg’s adorable village!

Walking into The Grange is like some serious Joanna Gaines vibes from this late 1800s building restoration. Big, beautiful windows; an inviting, boutique-like entryway; stunning white interior details in the bar, walls, and counters, little pops of modern flair to set an elegant mood, and big farmhouse tables to keep that rustic flame alive still. Like c’mon! There’s truly no place like this in Buffalo!

On a Friday evening (pre-quarantine 2020 days), it was relatively dimly lit inside, setting the tone for romance and class. We were seated at a small, white, marble table for two, with a candle between us.

The Grange’s staff perform at top-notch. I was impressed with how eloquent and swift everyone was, despite it being jam-packed that night—from the hostess, to the waitress, to the busser, and beyond. Super satisfied with the service each step of the way.

To start us off, we had their appetizer special: the loaded hummus. This hummus was hands down the BEST hummus I’ve ever consumed. It included: their house-made warm pita bread (so heavenly we ordered two batches), a lemon and garlic hummus, roasted vegetables on top, and, wait for, duck meat. Yes, glorious, tender duck meat. It was insanely delightful.

We honestly were so into the hummus and our conversation that I didn’t have a chance to snap a picture, sorry!

Buffalo Pizza Blog_The Grange_01

As for the pizza, I knew it would be superb for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I love being able to watch my food being made nearby in clear sight. That takes confidence in your people, your food sources, and your craft. The Grange has a large wood fire oven that they whip up all their pizzas in behind their food preparation counter. It’s fun to watch!

Secondly, I’ve heard how The Grange strives to source local product, whether that’s vegetables, egg, dairy, meat, etc. They’ve instilled a lot of trust in the community because of this, including my own. Due to this they’ve have captured the interest of many who value the importance of both local sourcing and local businesses benefiting one another.

Have I mentioned I just really love everything they’re doing?!

Buffalo Pizza Blog_The Grange

As for what we ordered, we got two pizzas to share. The pepperoni pizza and a mushroom/onion pizza. For date night, we typically like to keep it simple. And of course, some white wine to set the mood just right (I typically don’t do red with pizza for some reason, mostly just with pasta!).

The pizzas were phenomenal, as anticipated. The end crust rose up pretty well, with plenty of air throughout once you bite into it. As you can see from the photos, it was nicely charred all around the edges and air bubbles from the wood oven. The charred taste wasn’t too overpowering though, allowing their dough to make a strong impression.

The mushroom/onion pizza had a white sauce, with a sort-of creamy, light, garlic essence. The flavors of the vegetables and dough worked so well when it all came together. Kudos to The Grange team on this one.

Buffalo Pizza Blog_The Grange_02

The red sauce pepperoni pizza was very fresh tasting. The chefs seem to do a nice job with portioning—given that the crust is on the thinner side, the toppings aren’t too heavy on the crust to maintain it’s durability.

For both pizzas, it’s a big deal for me when I don’t have to think about the cheese. Meaning, it simply worked so well with the other components going on. It didn’t distract you or take you away from anything. You could actually just focus on the flavor as if it were a singular element, working together to make some magic. And that’s how you know you’re in good hands!

Buffalo Pizza Blog_The Grange_03

Something you don’t see too often in Buffalo was the types of pepperonis here. They were a hybrid of a regular flat pepperoni and a cup-and-char pepperoni. They were thin and flat, but still curled up on the edges ever-so-slightly with a mild crisp to them. As for size, they were about right in the middle between the two kinds of pepperoni.

It had a uniqueness to it to make a pepperoni pizza a little more exciting (These are the things that excite me. Weird, I know).

I highly recommend you visit The Grange. I’m sure many of you have been there already (nice!), but if you haven’t, then you’re quite seriously missing out on an experience unlike any other in Buffalo. I’m looking forward to checking out the owner’s several other restaurants in the coming year as well!

We’re so grateful to have such immense expertise and beautiful spaces in our community.

Pizza & love,



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