Allentown Pizza: Pairs Well With Intoxication

We all have our drunk pizza, right? Allentown Pizza is this.

After a fun night out at the bars on Allen St., there’s literally no other way to end the night than with a slice (or two). It’s so clutch that Allentown Pizza is open until 4am on Friday and Saturday.

Sometimes the line can be a little long, so just be patient and your time will come. When you make it to the counter, there are several options of pies to choose from. Not any overwhelming amount like the fabulous Gino’s on Elmwood, but a few.

I guess the number of slices you choose equates to how wild your night gets, right? Slices are a relatively fair size, but nothing overly large. Luckily, it’s cheap. 🙂


As for the slices itself, alcohol definitely makes it seem better than it is – I’m sure you’re completely shocked by this. They’re relatively thinner slices, but somehow have a very sturdy crust and don’t flop. I wouldn’t compare this to NY-style pizza though. It’s basically just a thinner crust version of Buffalo-style pizza.

Because of its sturdiness, the crust still had a bit of crunch throughout and the pepperoni was charred well to add that extra crisp. They do seem to cook it thoroughly to get the little brown spots on the cheese, which I always enjoy for a well-rounded taste.

The sauce was on the sweeter side for sure. Not my favorite, but it was a light amount luckily. The cheese had a little bit of a toughness to it, but who knows how long the pizza had been sitting out when it’s the wee hours of the morning.

Probably wouldn’t choose this pizza as a regular dinner option, but for a night out when you just need that drunken slice, this hits the spot. I’ve gone back here a few times now on my nights out on Allen! Allentown Pizza isn’t picture perfect, but they have a specific purpose, know their audience well, and are 100% embracing it. And that I can stand by!

Pizza & love,



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