Daddio’s Pizza: Daringly Dense

Serving the North Buffalo area, Daddio’s Pizza is one of the few pizzerias actually on Hertel Ave. There are Just Pizza and Franco Pizza locations nearby surrounding the area, and a few sit-down restaurants with pizza too, like one of my favs, La Tavola Trattoria.

Been recommended to Daddio’s a few times now, so I was looking forward to finally checking things out. I put in an order for a large pepperoni pizza and a side order of medium wings, my usual!

I love the Hertel scene typically, but for this occasion I wanted to get my pizza and be on my way home. There were a lot of interesting characters hanging around the place.

Buffalo Pizza Blog_Daddio's Pizza_01

It may come off in the photos, or it may not. This was a pretty hefty, dense pizza. The crust didn’t have much of a fluff or taste to it this time around. It’s unfortunate when the end crust tastes dry and cardboard-like, especially because it looks killer.

Buffalo Pizza Blog_Daddio's Pizza_03

As for the cheese, it was a little too thick for my liking texture-wise. It did have a lot of spices throughout, as you can see, which may be the cause of the overpoweringly rich flavors occurring. It kind of reminded me of an attempt at Bocce Club Pizza’s style in some ways.

I missed the brown charred spots on the cheese from it being cooked through completely vs. it’s cheaper, spongy texture.

This actually was a pretty messy pizza (in a good way—you know Buffalonians!) with a lot of sauce, but I think the thick, dense cheese just pushed this over the edge a little too much to actually enjoy all the elements working together.

Buffalo Pizza Blog_Daddio's Pizza_05

I do love that Daddio’s leans into that indulgence though, because that means ample toppings! They were not shy on the cup-and-char pepperoni, and it was very nicely charred! An abundance of topping helped to break up some of the overpowering forces, like the dough and cheese, but it was a mouthful overall for sure.

Buffalo Pizza Blog_Daddio's Pizza_04

I’d say I definitely can recommend the chicken wings. These babies were big and juicy! As you saw from their pizza, the wings has had a nice crispiness to them as well, leaving me a happy camper for sure. Not as messy as the pizza even, surprisingly.

Well, ya can’t love ’em all, and that’s ok. I still recommend checking out Daddio’s Pizza for yourself—you should have your own experience! Onto the next one, pizza lovers.

Pizza & love,


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