Pizza Works Etc.: Hunger, Satisfied

I chuckled when I saw Pizza Works Etc.’s website, because their tagline is “If you’re hungry, pizza works.” 1. I’m pretty much hungry all the time and 2. Pizza is always my #1 choice, no questions asked!

We were off to spend our Friday evening with friends – drinking, playing games, catching up. Pizza was an essential component to kicking off the night with our friends. We picked up two large pizzas from Pizza Works, one cheese pizza and one cheese and pepperoni pizza. Those two pizza got cleared within minutes it felt like, so that pretty much sums up how good it was.

Shoutout to the staff at Pizza Works as well. There was a super long line of other hungry patrons when I went to pick the pizza up. The staff swiftly managed everyone waiting and I was out of there in no time.

The pizzas were close to near perfection when we opened them!


I wasn’t kidding when I said these didn’t last long amongst our group of friends!

You know, I’m typically not a plain cheese pizza gal, but this pizza from Pizza Works might have changed me a little. The first reason being I’m a sucker for those burnt brown spots throughout the mozzarella goodness. The other reason is because it was an ideal of cheese. Still filling and thick, but not too overpowering from the thicker crust and sauce.

In some ways, this cheese pizza reminded of a much thicker version of Ferro’s Famous NY Pizza, which happened to be my favorite cheese pizza I’ve ever had (favorite NY-style too!).


As for the pepperoni pizza, they weren’t shy by any means. Shoutout to whoever from Pizza Works Etc. who hooked me up with a bunch of good ol’ cup-and-char pepperoni. These roni cups were nice and crispy, as well as the crust too.

I’d say this pizza definitely falls into the Buffalo-style pizza category. It wasn’t my favorite, but it still hit the spot and was exactly what I needed for the night!


Highly recommend for those folks in the Williamsville/Amherst area. Pizza Works Etc. is conveniently, centrally located in the Maple Road area. And surprisingly, this was probably one of the more affordable pizzas I have had in Buffalo yet. I’d love for some of my other favorites to be a little cheaper someday.


Well, as their tagline goes, pizza definitely worked for this night as it always should. Thanks Pizza Works Etc.!

Pizza & love,


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