Mineo’s South Pizzeria: Cup-and-Char Paradise

You know what’s better than pizza? Free pizza.

I happened to be at a work event and was delighted to find a delicious sheet pizza being put out. My eyes immediately lit up when I saw this and the smell was phenomenal. This looked like one of the most perfect Buffalo-style pizzas I’ve ever seen.

I immediately had to ask where it was from, and was pleased to here it was from somewhere I had never had: Mineo’s South Pizzeria.


When you think of Buffalo-style pizza, Mineo’s truly encompasses all of the great local qualities.

Crust: Crunchy at first bite, fluffy through the middle. This medium crust was the right amount of thickness given the volume of pepperoni.

Cheese: A key flavor, but also a team player. It didn’t overpower too much of the other ingredients. And whenever a pizza’s cheese has those burnt little brown spots, I’m swoon!

Sauce: A pleasant, fresh sauce with a nice mix of Italian spices throughout. As you can see from photos, the sauce was evenly distributed with a moderate amount throughout.

Pepperoni: The hero, for sure! This cup-and-char pepperoni was a true field of dreams. It hit all the checkpoints: perfectly cupped, tastefully charred around the edges, pooled with grease, and had the good kind of spicy kick you want with a pepperoni. Mineo’s South Pizza ranks high now for my favorite renditions of a cup-and-char pepperoni pizza.


Well Mineo’s, you were a delightful surprise! I’ll be recommending you through and through for those looking to embrace Buffalo’s pizza at its finest. Guess I’ll have to pair my next Mineo’s pizza with their chicken wings to determine it’s holistic notability?

Pizza & love,


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