Homemade Pizza Night With Battistoni Pepperoni

Living in Buffalo is bittersweet. There is so much to do all the time and so many restaurants to try, but it does make me spend more money than I’d prefer! So some nights, it can be good to stay in, get a bottle of wine, and make pizza at home!

If I can, I typically like to shop local when picking out my ingredients. That may not always be the case depending on what’s available at the store at the time, but I try as best I can to support local, smaller businesses or farms. I find them to typically be better quality and fresher too.


A lot of you have asked what brands I use for homemade pizza ingredients, and I’ve got my favorites all laid out below!

Dough: Dash’s pizza dough. Soft and chewy at first bite, but can definitely crisp up on the undercarriage of the crust if you’re going for well-done. The dough has just the right amount of flavor and didn’t come off as cardboard-like and tasteless as some other store-bought frozen dough can be.

Oil: Wegmans evoo. I always put a little olive oil on my dough before putting the sauce on, to help the dough get that golden glow and crisp better. Oil also helps add a little more flavor to the ingredients overall. This is a must-have ingredient!


Sauce: Just Pizza. I love that Just Pizza is one of the few local pizza shops to sell their pizza sauce at retail locations. It’s not very common and I’m surprised other shops don’t do this. I ended up putting a little too much sauce on my pizza, thinking the dough would rise a little more, so this sweet sauce was definitely one of the more prominent flavors.

Mozzarella: BelGioioso fresh mozzarella pearls. I typically use shredded mozzarella, but figured I’d switch it up for once. I ended up taking chunks of the BelGioioso and placing them evenly throughout the pie. The cheese melted perfectly and added a fresh taste.


Pepperoni: Battistoni classic sliced pepperoni. Let me just pause and say, firstly, I willingly admit to eating a quarter of the bag of pepperoni before even putting a single one on the pizza… it was that good! So after that indulgence occurred, I covered the whole top layer of my pie with a sea of pepperoni. I was very impressed with how the Battistoni pepperoni cooked. These thinly cut slices were able to have a nicely crisped edge and their fresh flavor intensified with the heat.


If you’d like to try Battistoni pepperoni with your next homemade pizza (they have classic and cup-and-char pepperoni!), they’re pretty much everywhere in western New York:

  • Wegmans
  • Tops Friendly Markets
  • Save-A-Lot
  • Budwey’s Markets (North Tonawanda)
  • Buffalo Trading Company (Buffalo, Hamburg)
  • Brigiotta’s (Jamestown)
  • Dash’s Market (Clarence, Buffalo, Amherst, Tonawanda)
  • Derby Deli (Derby)
  • Guercio & Sons (Buffalo)
  • Made In America Stores (Niagara Falls, Hamburg, Williamsville, Cheektowaga)
  • Meating Place (Buffalo)
  • Omega Deli (West Seneca)
  • Premier Gourmet (Amherst)
  • Rubino’s Italian Foods (Rochester)
  • Smokin Joe’s (Sanborn)
  • Tuscany Deli (Fredonia)


Battistoni’s pepperoni had me so shook, I’m thinking there’s a meat lover’s pizza in my future using more of their Italian specialty meats.

Pizza & love,


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