Tappo Pizza: New-School Dining Scene

One of the most-talked about new places in Buffalo is Tappo Pizza. Located inside Thin Man Brewery’s new North Buffalo location, Tappo Pizza and Thin Man collab to provide a unique experience to Buffalonians.

You feel like you’re kind of in the middle of some abandoned warehouses or factories, and that’s exactly it. It’s beautiful what they’ve done to these old, historic buildings. To bring them back to life is a treat for us all.

I especially loved the open-air style with their garage-style doors up so the patio and restaurant feel seamless. There is a beer-hall style to this as well, naturally, with some larger tables to be shared or for big parties, smaller tables for more intimate gatherings, or bar/high-top seating as well.

Modern Ordering System

When we entered, there was no hostess or greeter or anything immediately. The introvert in me was cool with this, but the type-A person in me also wanted direction. We quickly noticed that there was a line gathering to a counter to order food. The menu, hanging high for all to see, could be reviewed while you wait to place your order.

The staff informed us the process: order your food through the counter, seat yourself wherever there’s an open spot, get a text when your order is ready, and find your food along a counter ready to go.

I have to say I really enjoyed this process. It was a little chaotic with so many people there upon being their first month of business still, so we couldn’t find a table immediately and had to wait for something to open up. We found a cozy nook inside with some high-top seating facing the band playing outside on the patio. The breeze from outdoors was perfect for our spring date night.

I think the crowd will eventually die down in no time and hopefully be a little less stressful. But once we got a beer from the bar and got our text that our food was ready, it was a delightful experience all-around.


Pizza & Beer, the Perfect Pairing

I really like that Tappo Pizza paired up with Thin Man Brewing on this. Tappo’s restaurant in downtown definitely is more on the Italian side, so a glass of wine and a pasta dish is what I would go for there. Their pizza seems to pair so well with beer and the restaurant’s new-school, industrial vibe in general, so it’s a great fit.


I went with the Alla Vodka pizza. This consisted of the house vodka sauce, thin red onions, porcini mushroom, Italian sausage, ricota salata, and fresh oregano. I think this was a good first choice at Tappo because it was different and had a sweeter taste to pair with my blonde beer.


My guy decided to go with the Drinking Buddy, a four-cheese pizza with red sauce and cup-and-char pepperoni. His pizza definitely looked better than mine from a visual standpoint, but both were equally yummy and were perfect with our beers. I had a few bites of his and can confirm this was also a good choice too!


Something I liked in particular about these pizzas, which I am assuming is more in the wood-fired or brick-oven family, is that the edges of the crust were nice and burnt. Both our pizzas had that smokey, woodsy taste that I enjoy with the sweet, zesty flavors of the toppings.


As far as toppings go, Tappo definitely does not skimp out, but it’s also not too overwhelming. It was easy to eat and enjoy. The size of the pizzas are definitely more on the personal side, but you could easily share this and an appetizer with someone too. We didn’t know how big they were going to be, so we had enough for both of us and some leftovers to take home too.


Something I have to rave about for a second: the onion rings. Highly recommend adding those to your order as well. They are Thin Man double IPA battered thick onion rings and they were mighty fine. Plus, the come on a fun stand stacked all together with some dipping sauces. We devoured these as well.

I think next time (because I’m sure there will be a next time), I’d go for the traditional margherita or the Little Anthony, another white pizza. All-in-all a great casual pizza experience, a neat spot to hang out, and the beer was lovely too, as always!

Pizza & love,


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