Ferro’s Famous NY Pizza: WNY’s Holy Grail for NY-Style Pizza

Been on that NY-style kick the past couple of weeks—maybe it’s summer on the way telling me to stick to thin crust pizza. 😉

Numerous NY-style pizza lovers in WNY have shared that I need to make my way over to Ferro’s Famous NY Pizza in West Seneca. Since I’ve been on this kick, it felt like a good to pay a visit.

This is so out of character of me, but a plain cheese thin-crust pizza sounded unbelievably good to me on this fine evening. If you follow my other pizza experiences, you know I typically stick in the cheese and pepperoni realm, given that that is the classic Buffalo-style order.

I’d Hangout Here

Having never stepped foot in Ferro’s before, I have to say it was quite nice on the inside. The space had some neat lighting, was very polished, and plenty of high-top and regular seating. It almost had a friendly sports bar feel to it. However, we did decide to just do a pickup order and eat at home on the couch instead.

The staff was very polite and had our order hot and ready to go for us. At first glance of just the box alone, this pizza seemed huge! Score.


Easy, Cheesy, Beautiful: Ferro’s

Yes, this pizza is just that. It was a sight for sore eyes. This cheese pizza will probably go down in history as one of the best cheese pizzas I’ve had.

It was indeed easy. You could sit on the couch, wave this pizza around while talking in between bites, and have your whole pizza-eating experience be effortless. That is my only beef with pizza typically, is that sometimes it doesn’t hold it’s own as well. The crust was soft and dough where it needed to be and crisp and firm where it needed to be too.


It was indeed cheesy. The cheese was proportioned to the thin crust, meaning it wasn’t overwhelmingly too much. It did work well with the herby sauce, which was on the lighter side, my personal preference. There was a hint of saltiness to it ever so slightly (unless this was in the dough perhaps), that I just loved. I would definitely consider going for an all-cheese pizza next time again from Ferro’s.


And it was indeed beautiful. Like I mentioned, this pizza was huge! Since it was thin-crust though, my guy and I devoured this whole thing in one sitting. It did look like the perfect pizza though and I especially liked the burnt spots on the cheese all throughout.

Until next time, Ferro’s.

Pizza & love,


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