Zetti’s Pizza & Pasta: Slices As Big as the Big Apple

There’s not many pizza places in Buffalo that are serving NY-style, or well. I’ve been searching for a decent NY-style pizza that I could quickly grab a pick-me-up slice while I’m out and about running errands and getting stuff done. Keeping busy, I look for places that aren’t going to break the bank nor take up too much of my time. Zetti’s seems to be a great fit.

Pizza Covered Counter-tops

When I stepped foot into Zetti’s, of course there was a bit of line. But honestly, things moved really quickly because of the efficient assembly line they have going. I guess a little bit of a wait is a good thing, because their counter-tops were FILLED with dozens of specialty pizzas to choose from, all x-large thin slices ready to be devoured. I needed those couple extra minutes to make a decision and enjoy looking at all the options!

I had to stick with my classic cheese and pepperoni pizza. That seemed to fit the NY-style experience I was seeking. The gentleman kindly heated my slice up for me and had me cashed out in no time.

I opted to just eat-in at the restaurant. Zetti’s serves other pasta and Italian dishes as well, so there’s ample room to eat there. Plus, being across from UB North, a lot of college students seem to get off of campus and come for a bite to eat here.


I Blinked & It Was Gone

How can you take a second to admire a slice when you’re starving? I was so hungry, so I’m pretty sure I inhaled this pizza out of thin air.

The best part about Zetti’s slices though is the size. This thing was bigger than my head! It was worth the couple dollars I paid for sure. When eating, it honestly didn’t flop around too much being so large. I’d imagine if they heated it up any further, this would have been problematic. They have mastered the NY-style crust having a little bit of a crisp to it to hold it’s weight and not have the toppings just slide right off. It was just great.


The cheese was solid as well. Not too much since the crust was so thin, and just enough to keep the pepperonis intact. It was greasy for sure, so you could always blot it if that’s your preferred route.

The pepperonis were most definitely not cup and char, the beloved Buffalo pepperoni choice, but flat and medium-cooked. It was a nice change of pace to having something other than the cup and char actually. I enjoyed how big the pepperonis were and that you could taste them in almost every bite.

Zetti’s will definitely be my go-to spot if I’m running around out that way in the Northtowns. As much as I love Buffalo-style, it has the potential to be messier overall. So if I’m in need of a slice, I honestly prefer it be NY-style. It’s just easier to eat when you’re on-the-go.

Pizza & love,


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