Roost: Is This Still Buffalo?

Last month for my birthday, I obviously had to treat myself to pizza. So many friends have recommended that I try Roost Buffalo, I think primarily because of how amazing their breakfast pizza is known to be. I unfortunately did not go for breakfast, but for dinner this time. While dinner was alright, I’d rather go back for breakfast to try that out.

If You Have A Fear of Roosters or Birds, Don’t Visit Roost

Roost is quite charming and vibrant. It definitely doesn’t feel like a typical Buffalo restaurant with the eclectic patterns and funky lighting fixtures they use.

When we were seated and actually took a look around at the place though, we noticed there were statues and decor of Roosters everywhere. It certainly was a neat theme, but a bit odd being a seemingly urban restaurant on the growing Niagara Street strip along the 190.

Masking With Great People and Atmosphere

I do get a little disappointed when the quality of the people and the atmosphere outweighs the quality of what you’re paying for necessarily. Our waiter was very kind and had a lot of energy, which I appreciate.


However, we were slightly underwhelmed when ordering our drinks, finding our wine glasses to be under-filled and having the wrong beers served. It all tasted well, but would have been better if it didn’t cost as much for that experience.

Luckily, the atmosphere was just what I was aiming for for my birthday: unique, cool, and cozy.

Pizza Presentation Goals

Props to Roost for making the presentation of their pizzas so nice and easy to eat! They cut the pie up into triangles and then lay the triangles in a long row on a plate, leaning upward on each other. It looks quite lovely and made the display of dinner so much better!


As for our choice in pizza, they had plenty of options – from sausage, to fig, to mushroom – but we decided to keep it simple and go with pepperoni and basil. It’s always a classic selection and allows me to compare to other local pizza places on an even playing field.

Not Your Typical Buffalo-Style Pizza

The pizza was very stiff and crunchy, given it was incredibly thin crust. It didn’t flop nor bend much at all, which does allow for easier eating but doesn’t ensure great taste always. The crust itself didn’t taste bad by any means, but it was a bit light on the sauce to allow for some moisture to that crisp.


As for the cheese, it was definitely on the lighter, sprinkled side as well, given how thin the pizza was, and was cooked pretty well done like the crunchy crust. Honestly, the pepperoni and the parsley was the best part and had a lot of flavor.

Because of how thin the pizza was, it really was not that filling! (LOL and because I can eat.) We did split one pizza between two people, but we should have gotten our own to double up on food and have a little bit of leftovers!

If there does become a next time at Roost, I think I’ll check out breakfast to see what all the hype is about and pass on dinner. The style of the restaurant would definitely be a big brunch mood for me anyways. But nonetheless, my birthday was still fabulous.

Pizza & love,


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