Johnny’s Pizzeria: Self-Care Day Done Right

Everyone’s version of a self-care day is different. It could involve either your physical health or your mental health. For me, I like to involve a bit of both. And yes, pizza played a part in this for my mental health!

My blogger pals and I try to meet up as much as we can when our busy schedules magically align, so we recently visited Buffalo Gal Organics, located in the village of Williamsville.


All the Smells

For me, I love walking into a pizza shop and inhaling that delicious SMELL! There’s no better scent. Something that comes incredibly close to that though? The Buffalo Gal Organics shop. The smell of natural beauty products, teas, and candles gave me such satisfaction and immediate calmness.


We were greeted by a lovely team of boss babes who make up Buffalo Gal Organics. Buffalo Gal Organics offers a number of bath and body, beauty, and skincare products, all totally plant-based and natural. I loved that Kasia, Chemist, Holistic Practitioner and Founder all-in-one, described their products as ‘funky junk-free.’ I think that speaks volumes. We have to treat ourselves with the utmost care.


Additionally, Kasia has several other talented women-owned businesses as a part of Buffalo Gal Organics. BWell Massage & Esthetics provides massage therapy and a number of body and skin care treatments. Brittany, the owner, is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician, and is completely fabulous at it! That kind of physical relaxation is often so needed for our bodies when we don’t realize it.

I also spent a lot of time at chatting with the insightful Graciel of The Soul in Bloom, a creator of organic, floral teas. I got to sample a few teas, which was so relaxing, and they all seemed so rounded. Rounded is the best way I could describe it. I guess this just because the floral flavors seemed so full and stuck with you for a while, unlike other teas that may fades in flavor.


The shop had such a cute setup for our visit there, with all sorts of sweets and samples to try. The foodie in me though LOVED the vegan cookies that the talented Courtney, local vegan baker, made us—you can find her on Instagram @thatveganbakingbetch. I literally ate my whole box that evening haha.


My gal pals and I had a wonderful time with the Buffalo Gal Organics team! I left with a few goodies that I continue to use regularly and improve my wellness. I am so grateful for everyone’s extensive knowledge, outlook on wellness, and positive conversations.


Why not continue to treat myself?

After a relaxing afternoon of treating myself, I figured I’d extend the self-care in my kind of fashion: by getting pizza for dinner, my favorite food (if you didn’t know that already). I wanted to go somewhere not too out of the way, and Johnny’s Pizzeria was just the spot.

I was having guests over that evening, so I decided to order two large pizzas. I had to go with a classic cheese and pepperoni pizza since this looked like a Buffalo-style type of pizza place. And for our second pizza I chose a cheese, sausage, onion, and green pepper pizza.


It was damn good pizza. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the sausage/onion/pepper one, but that ended up being my favorite of the two. Johnny’s was not shy on toppings either.


The dough was truly spot-on for Buffalo-style pizza. It was that nice medium-sized crust we all know and love with a chewiness on the top and crispy underneath on the edges. Bonus points to Johnny’s with mastering the crisped edges on the toppings as well.


The sauce was mixed in great with everything else and was not too dominant. I prefer my pizza sauce to be on the conservative side for sure, but not too conservative where it’s totally dry.

The only thing I did not care for as much was the cheese. It didn’t particularly look all that great primarily. It didn’t taste awful once actually eating it, but I just thought it could’ve been better. I couldn’t pick up if they do anything different with their cheese, but it just seemed different. I do think these pizzas were a little heavier on the cheese as well, and I tend to prefer the sauce and cheese ratios to be more even.


All-in-all though, I still recommend Johnny’s Pizzeria to those who have not tried it yet. Not sure if I’ll be back, but they did a nice job overall and embody what Buffalo-style pizza is all about.

Pizza & love,


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