JJ’s Casa Di Pizza: Master of the Buffalo Chicken Finger Pizza

If you read my recent post on Giacobbi’s, then you know I had a great experience and meal there. So it was a pleasant surprise to find out that the same family operates JJ’s Casa Di Pizza. Talent runs deep here in Buffalo, as does my love for pizza.

Casa is in prime location of downtown Buffalo, and I happen to work nearby. I love that it’s a close walk, especially in the winter when you are freezing (but dedicated to pizza).

They have ample seating and a full bar in the shop which is convenient if you want to make a social visit out of it. There is also takeout options though too, whether it’s a slice for lunch or just picking up your placed order.

The customer service is on par and well-seasoned. Casa seems to have their casa in order and efficient, since they’ve been doing this for years.

I had the pleasure of having two different pizzas from Casa and they were both truly spectacular. Let me break each of them down for you:


Perfecting the Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza 

I love that in Buffalo we say, “Can I order a pepperoni and cheese pizza, please?” As if cheese is not a default for pizza and we shouldn’t assume. I find myself doing that often when I order and feel silly for saying it, but it’s so true!

So, let’s talk about that curb appeal. Casa brings their A-game when it comes to presentation. And that’s challenging to do when also ensuring your pizza actually tastes good too.

Aside from nailing the cup-n-char pepperoni crisped edges and grease pools, this pizza was fully cooked to perfection. I’d say their pizzas are thinner-to-medium crust. Not as thin as NY-style, but not as thick as Buffalo-style. The crust was crispy, but not dry, and still doughy throughout.

If you like sauce on the more conservative end of the spectrum like I do, you will like Casa. It was not an overwhelming amount of sauce nor cheese either.

This was one of those pizzas you can’t really describe how good it is. It’s just one that you immediately know on the first bite that it’s how pizza should be.

The Truest of Buffalo Chicken Finger Pizzas

When I think of ordering Buffalo chicken fingers for takeout anywhere, I think of that hot kick from the sauce. I think of a side of blue cheese to neutralize the kick. I think of the celery and carrots that comes with it and dipping them into the extra wing sauce or blue cheese. I think of how I mostly care about the fried breading to fuel my cravings.

Now put all that on a pizza and you’ve got magic happening. Casa did just that. Safe to say it rocked my world.

I’ve had a lot of Buffalo chicken finger pizzas and there’s one thing they all have in common: dryness. There’s not typically a red sauce on this style of pizza, so some lose their moisture. Casa’s version of the Buffalo chicken finger retains the moisture in the cheeses and sauce from the wings. It was packed with texture and flavor.

To be honest though, I was quite skeptical of this pizza at first glance. I have never had a Buffalo chicken finger pizza with carrots on it. I’ve had the finely chopped celery to fit the theme, but never carrots.  However, it all blended together really well. The wing sauce kind of masked the vegetables (just the way I’d prefer lol).

So to reiterate, yes, this is hands down the best Buffalo chicken finger pizza I’ve had to date! It’s so authentically Buffalo and I’m all for it.

I’d highly recommend you visit Casa Di Pizza if you are able, whether it’s on your lunch break, before a Sabre’s game or a show at Shea’s, or you’re looking to try something new. You’ll be glad you did.

Pizza & love,


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