Giacobbi’s: Artisan Pizzas You’ll Be Talking About

Remember when I said ‘this is my favorite pizza?’ Or ‘favorite restaurant?’ Well, I have a new favorite! Giacobbi’s Cucina Citta in Allentown is a newer, authentic Italian restaurant. They pride themselves on their artisan pizzas and family recipes, which I can appreciate their attention to detail and value of tradition.

A Night Out In Allentown

Out of all the neighborhoods to go out in Buffalo, Allentown is my favorite. Predominately because there are some really awesome restaurants to enjoy a meal and have a few drinks at to extend your dining experience, as well as plenty of great late-night bar options to continue the evening with friends.

My fiancé joined me for dinner at Giacobbi’s and as soon as we walked in I knew we would enjoy it. It was relatively casual, our kind of speed, with a large seated bar, some high top tables, so booths, and some normal tables. It was nice to have a mix and the flexibility to dine however you want. We chose a booth to be a little cozier since it was so cold out though!

Options, Options, and More Options!

I knew I wanted one of the artisan pizzas, but I had a tough time deciding between the Palermo (sausage, peppers, etc.) and the Prosciutto (prosciutto, onions, garlic cream). I ended up going with the Prosciutto and there were zero regrets! Maybe next time I’ll try the Palermo.

The menu was surprisingly large, in my opinion! Granted, we both like most Italian dishes, so everything seemed really, really good! On a visit where I don’t get pizza, I would love to try their eggplant lasagne, veal parm, or meatball bomber. Literally everything, honestly.


My fiancé started with an appetizer: Manhattan clam chowder. Always a classic choice, and theirs was wonderful (I had to have a few bites!!). Not too blazing hot, but good to finish just in time for our entrees. He continued with the clam theme with the clam linguine for dinner, and I even shared a few slices of my pizza as well… I do think the artisan pizzas can be shared, or get a side too if you come in extra hungry.


And of course, had to have a glass of wine on this wonderful Friday evening to relax from a long work week. Giacobbi’s had a decent sized wine and beer list as well to choose from. I went with a white wine to compliment the garlic in my pizza.


When All The Flavors Work Together

The prosciutto pizza was definitely the way to go for my first time at Giacobbi’s. I think it really encompassed everything they had to offer: quality, detail, tradition, art (yes, pizza is art).

Something I have to highlight first is the crust. It was everything you’d hope a crust would be a for a thin, artisan pizza. It had a perfect crunch on the bottom that you didn’t have to tear hard at. And although it was thin crust, it didn’t flop at all! It held all the toppings so well.

The second thing I wanted to rave about is their garlic cream sauce. This pizza didn’t have a red sauce, but a creamy garlic puree that provided just the right amount of garlic flavor. Garlic can be strong, but it really wasn’t too overpowering here. In between it all, you could taste the saltiness of the prosciutto, the sweetness of the caramelized onions, and the mildness of the fontina cheese. Everything complimented each other so well, making this pizza fantastic!


The last thing I wanted to rave about was the attention to detail. Not only were the toppings all evenly distributed and working together, but the pizza just looked flawless. A true pizza art! I respect the establishments where the pizza looks flawless, but actually TASTES flawless as well. That’s tough to do, so it’s commendable.


Yep, I’ll Be Back!

Giacobbi’s is a great choice for any occasion—date night, with friends, with family, for lunch, anything! There’s something on the menu for everyone, but I obviously recommend the pizzas first and foremost. Plus, the service was outstanding. Our waitress was so kind and easygoing, and the food was served quickly. You can’t go wrong with great food, great service, great location, and great company.

A huge thank you to Giacobbi’s for inviting me in for a meal!

Pizza & love,


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