Partner’s Pizzeria: A Generous Partner Indeed

Sometimes I plan ahead, read reviews, and refer to my list of pizza places to go. Other times, I see a place while driving and just decide to go with that pizza place for the evening. I don’t really have a good reason for trying it out—but do I really need a reason for eating pizza?


I always pass by the Tonawanda location for Partner’s Pizzeria, so it was about time I pay a visit. My bestie and I were having a girls night and watch movies together, so this called for pizza and wine!

Our movie selection was all around Italy since we’ve been wanting to go there together for forever. So naturally, we chose to watch one of our favorite rom-coms Letters to Juliet and the Italy portion of Eat, Pray, Love.

And if you’ve ever seen Eat, Pray, Love, you know that the Julia Roberts spaghetti-eating scene is everything.


My friend has ordered from Partner’s before, so she could positively attest to their pizza. We both are meat lovers when it comes to selecting any kind of meal, so we ordered a pepperoni and cheese pizza.

Plus, I knew from their website they had the cup and char pepperoni, which is my favorite. It seems to be the main kind of pepperoni for mostly all Buffalo pizzas—and I am not mad about that!


I picked up our pizza at the Tonawanda location on Niagara Falls Blvd. This place looks HUGE from the outside, but the inside is quite small for the customer space, to eat and/or pickup. What makes it so big actually is the kitchen! From the pickup window I could see that they had multiple huge ovens and prep tables, so hopefully that’s a good sign that they have a lot of business to support!

What I love about pizza joints though, is the people. That’s what makes it authentic to me.

The workers at Partner’s were exactly what you’d expect and want. They had the NCAA college basketball game playing in the background, they were outgoing and smiling, and they even asked me if everything looked good for my order before I left.

Yes, work is work, but I like when a work environment values making it an enjoyable place for their employees. I’ve experienced the opposite at some restaurants, where it’s so overly stressful that even the customers can sense it.

Sometimes, the places that have the best customer service are because the employees are genuinely happy. Plus, I really appreciated that they cared so much about each person’s complete satisfaction in their product too.

Worth Every Penny

Something I’ve noticed about Buffalo pizza is that it is a lot more expensive here. I find that I pay $18.00 – $20.00 for most pizzas, whereas in other cities I pay closer to $14.00 – $16.00. Not cool man, not cool.

However, generosity definitely makes those expensive pizzas much more worth the extra couple of bucks. And Partner’s is not skimpy on the size of their pizza, nor their toppings. We got a large, but this literally felt like an extra, extra large!!!


(This picture doesn’t do justice to its actual size.)


You can just tell from these pictures the amount of crunch involved. This pizza was soft where it needed to be (bottom layer of cheese, top of the crust) and crispy where it needed to be (top layer of cheese, pepperoni, bottom of the crust, end crust) to make the perfect combination of pizza goodness.

And those pepperonis, ugh. They look (and tasted) just how I like ’em!

I don’t prefer saucier pizzas either, so this was good for me because it didn’t really have a lot of sauce, nor was it overly cheesy. I’d rather have a normal amount of sauce and cheese and a TON of toppings like this one!


Next time (and there will definitely be more girls nights and wine nights and pizza nights ahead), I may just have to order more toppings. This would be a more expensive pizza than I’d prefer to pay for, but, like I mentioned, it is worth the splurge for the places that aren’t shy about topping them on!

Partner’s really is one of those pizzas that you could not dislike. Like honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it in any way! And bonus, it’s good leftover and cold too. Whatever suits your fancy!

Making pizzas that work for any occasion, I can definitely recommend that Partner’s is an all-around grade-A place to partner with.

Pizza & love,


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